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Nederland has an extensive domestic distribution and export pipeline network. Nederland’s pipeline network is nearly completely owned and run by the state-run Pipeline, which transports about 88% of all crude oil and about 27% of oil products produced in Nederland.

We controls a number of domestic pipeline networks, pipelines that transport oil to export terminals such as Rotterdam and the Black Sea and Primorsk on the Baltic Sea, as well as a number of export pipelines that deliver oil to western European markets.

PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V regards reduction of environmental impact and compliance with the strictest requirements of environmental safety as its principal tasks. With the aim of improving air quality, the company regularly monitors atmospheric environment, creates new green spaces within the sanitary protection zone of the refinery, and decommissions outdated equipment. Proper operation of treatment facilities is ensured by the authorized on-site wastewater laboratory.

The future of PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V relies on the large-scale modernization programme, which will allow the company to increase its processing capacity from 3 to 6.6 mln tpa by the end of the year 2021 and to obtain Euro 5 gasolines and individual aromatic hydrocarbons by 2024.