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PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V operate Tank Farm in the region of Primorsk Commercial Sea Port Oil Terminal with the capacity 919 150 m3 in the region of the Baltic oil Transshipment Terminal in the port of Kaliningard.

In the 2017, PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V started its bunkering operation in the port of Primorsk within the port area and on the road-stead using its own bunkering vessel with the dead-weight of 55 000 tonnes to 100 000 tonnes. The management of PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V decided to enter the bunkering market of the European port of Russia in connection with the intense development of the river and marine shipping and growth of marine fuel demand in the region.

PADDINGTON LOGISTICS B.V oil terminal in Primorsk Commercial Sea Port, operates as a modern multi-brunch companies, which intake crude oil and oil products from railway tank-cars, pipeline and sea tanker, with the ability of storing and shipping to our local, foreign, private and state own companies, as well as providing bunkers to the vessels in the port of Primorsk, UST-LUGAL and other ports of Baltic Sea region.

The bunkering and oil handling terminal in the port of Primorsk is serving the vessels on the Baltic Sea. The terminal consists of two oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 710 000 m3, including 231 000 m3 of the own tanks.

Each oil handling site is equipped with the tanks of various storage capacity for different sorts of oil products, railway ramps for discharge of oil products from railway cisterns, oil pumping stations, vapour generating facilities and technological pipelines to transport the oil products between the sites/cisterns and to deliver it to the tankers and bunkering vessels.

With the construction of new oil bunkering terminal facilities in Primorsk Port Leningrad Oblast region, the company is expected in commissioning new fuel oil bunkering terminal facility with the capacity of 600 000 m3 in the year 2009.

Construction of Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) which aimed is to transport oil from Timano-Pechersk field, from West-Siberian and Ural oil and gas provinces is currently in progress and it expected to be commissioned by the end of 2007.

The terminal is supported by the own laboratory for oil products quality control, and a computerized room for Tank gauging and calculating.


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